Zach didn’t only help me out with my swing, but made sure I knew about the best practice methods, better ways to improve my course management skills, and how to improve my mental gameJake Mcallister
I know you didn’t have to spend much time talking to me to help me out. $50 was not enough for what I got. Would have cost me more than $70 to get worse lessons at my local course. I hope more people take you up as a coach.Will Brandt
Zach not only told me what was wrong with my swing, but told me how and why I needed to change it. For the money I spent, I wasn’t expecting how deep we went. Spent an hour with me on skype, gave me a 40 minute swing analysis, drills to fix all the errors, and a practice program to help transition the new skills to the course with challenging games, and a template to create my own practicesZak Semaio